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PostgreSQL Monitoring Tools

One day, you will need to monitor your database to analyse the performences, the number of queries, … Some tools exist ! pg_top This is the cousin of the simple […]

Executing Python code, I get the error (from python2.7) unknown locale en_US The locale is on my computer, since it’s in the list I get after typing locale -a openerp@jem […]

Ce code provient de Il s’agit d’un parcours rapide de code Python qui vous apprendra une large base assez rapidement. Maintenant, pour les trucs plus complexe comme les MetaClasse, […]

For this example, we follow the video : Once Rails and Ruby are installed, choose a directory as a workspace. Go there with your terminal. Now, create the application rails […]

In the previous tutorial, we propose to follow some steps, with command line, etc. Actually, there a easier way to install Ruby On Rails on your mac. Just go to […]